WELCOME! Penguin Clan!

Welcome! This site is the future home of the official Penguin Clan's own videogame: The... Well, really, I'm not sure yet... But it will be great! Until then, this will be the site giving updates to Penguin Clan members about the new game and the club itself. And we now have a small game or two to play on-site til the game's ready. I give you: SMASHING and INVADERS! Enjoy! But, I apologize, I had to get rid of the other messages to fit them...I'll Give them a seperate page ltr, lazy right now <(-_-)>

Thanks to adam.t.bull.googlepages.com for the picture of the adorable penguin.  <(o_O)>

Answering Comments!

Ther will now be a page dedicated to answering/replying comments I recieve called W.U.S. (what you said). Enjoy!

New Page!

Hi guys! It's me again, just wanted to tell you that we know have a blog. But, please don't put anything inappropriate, disgusting, or just plain wrong, ok? Remember that anyone can view it. (I will delete bad messages, and I will sometimes blog there too) I also just want to make sure you know how though, it's real simple. Just click on "First Post!", and a comment screen will come up. Unlike other comments, these will automatically be put up on the site!

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